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Who Will Pay My Auto Accident Bills

Who Will Pay My Auto Accident Bills

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You’ve been injured in a car accident or hurt on the job, you’re in pain, and you have more questions than answers. Who will pay for the damage to your car? What should you say when the insurance adjuster calls? What should you do about your lost wages and your stack of medical bills? Are you entitled to any money for your pain and suffering?

I’m Paul A. Samakow, and I want to eliminate your worrying, stress and concerns.  I’ve been fighting for the rights of personal injury victims since 1980, and my staff and I routinely deal with getting cars repaired, handling insurance adjusters and getting clients’ medical bills paid and their lost wages collected.  Simply put, what working with me means for you is that you need only concentrate on getting better and I will handle the stresses, the messes and the insurance people.  You can call me — 24 hours a day — at (703) 761-4343 or (301) 949-1515 to discuss your case for free, or click here for online contact.

My firm is dedicated to helping injury victims, first, last and always. When you ask for my help, I’m honored and I will make sure you know it. I take pride in giving my clients 110% attention. You will be treated professionally, with personal attention, and you will be kept informed.

I am a problem solver. I know many of the difficulties you face following an accident, and my staff and I will help you solve the problems, hopefully before they become serious.

We focus on personal injury claims, including auto accidentsworkers’ compensation and the wrongful death of a loved one. We know that when you’re hurt because of someone else’s careless or reckless conduct, it’s not just the medical bills that add up. You have physical injuries to worry about, and besides money lost from missing work, there is an emotional stress element that needs to be eliminated.

On top of your physical pain and money problems, you face the headache of dealing with insurance companies. They want to argue with you about fixing your car, and seemingly everything else. And that is if you can reach them!

In case you don’t know, insurance companies are not your friends. Dealing with adjusters can be exasperating. My team has the skill and experience to tackle the red tape of an insurance company and to deal with their frustrating tactics. My goal is to make your life as stress free as possible and then ultimately to get you the compensation you deserve. You concentrate on getting better and I’ll deal with all of the rest.

I consider every client my most important, and I will treat your case as unique. Here’s what one client had to say about my personal service: “I was very upset in the aftermath of the collision because my car had been demolished and I had been injured as a result of another driver’s negligence. I became more relaxed, however, when I put the whole matter in your office’s skilled hands. You took charge and saw the task completed.”

My clients refer us to their friends: “I was always kept informed of the status of my case and of any new developments,” one client said. “My calls were returned promptly. I have already recommended a sister of a friend to you. She is now a client of your firm.”

I know that you’re concerned about money and how you’ll pay your doctor and hospital bills. That’s why I won’t charge you a cent for a consultation — and I’ll only collect a fee if I’m successful in your case.

Feel free to call and talk to us. We won’t charge you for the call and we’ll happily give you some “up front” free advice. The Law Offices of Paul A. Samakow accept claims involving auto accidentspersonal injuriesworkers’ compensation and wrongful death.