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NSA Telephone Taps & The Future of the Legal Profession

Click HERE To Listen:  12-18-13 Paul Samakow

Andy began the show with a really nice heartfelt “goodbye” to Paul, as today was the last show for Paul to offer legal analysis and tips. Andy offered that “all good things must come to an end.” They discussed the NSA telephone taps issue, and then Andy asked Paul if he felt that getting a legal education and becoming a lawyer was worthwhile in today’s world, and if Paul felt there were too many lawyers. Listen for Paul’s answer.

The segment ended with goodbyes and mutual wishes for the holidays.

Labels: free speech, freedom vs. security, in the courtroom, radio show

Remembering Nelson Mandela & Tips For Driving In Snow

Click HERE to Listen:  12-11-13 Paul Samakow

With the recent death of Nelson Mandela, Paul and Andy felt talking about him was appropriate. Paul shared numerous things about Mandela’s “legal” legacy. Andy agreed that Mandela’s legacy was much more positive than negative, but he pointed out that many forget that before being imprisoned, Mandela was labeled a terrorist.

Paul’s tip of the day involved safety tips for driving around in this horrible weather.


Labels: freedom vs. security, radio show, safety

Chimps In NY Court, Amanda Knox Latest & Holiday Scams

Click HERE To Listen: 12-04-13 Paul Samakow

Today was a fun show.  Paul and Andy started with a conversation about whether Chimpanzees should be considered human. A NY lawsuit will decide. Next, Paul offered that Italian prosecutors have NO CHANCE of imprisoning Amanda Knox for 30 years. Continuing, some states charge tax on purchases made “on-line.” For the Supreme Court’s ruling on this, listen here.

Paul’s tip of the day involves deceptive holiday deals.

Labels: in the courtroom, radio show

TX Abortion Laws, George Zimmerman & Holiday Office Parties

Click HERE To Listen: 11-20-13 Paul Samakow

Todays’ show was all over the map and up in the air. Paul explained the very very winding legal road of the new Texas anti-abortion law. Next, will airline pilots and air-traffic controllers have to visit Jenny Craig? Finally, George Zimmerman, the now acquitted Trayvon Martin murder defendant, is in trouble again, and again because of a gun.

Paul’s tip of the day involved some legal pointers concerning your office’s holiday party.

Labels: abortion, freedom vs. security, in the courtroom, radio show, safety

All About China & Family Law

Click HERE To Listen: 11-13-13 Paul Samakow

Paul and Andy talked about China and family law issues today. In the first of two stories, Paul talked about a Chinese man who sued his wife because she was ugly. Listen to learn the details and why he won. Next, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and ABC got into a bit of hot water over Kimmel’s response to a child guest’s solution to repayment of the U.S. $1.3 trillion debt to China. You have to hear this!

Paul’s tips of the day involved family law. If you are in the process of divorce, you must listen to this to get some insight on both “uncontested” divorces, and reducing expenses in child custody matters.

Labels: in the courtroom, marriage, radio show

Shutdown Lawsuit, Hooters Party & Electronics on Planes

Click HERE To Listen: 11-06-13 Paul Samakow

Five the thousands of federal employees who did not get paid timely after the government shutdown filed a lawsuit. Hundreds more may join. Listen to find out the real issues. Next, what happens when a case is over and both the losing attorney and the judge get on the radio to talk about it? Finally, Paul talked about a school football coach that got fired because he wouldn’t change the venue for an end of season party.

Paul’s tip of the day involves new airline policies on passengers’ use of electronic devices.

Labels: free speech, in the courtroom, privacy, radio show

Halloween, Arias Trial & Watching For Cyber Bullies

Click HERE To Listen: 10-30-13 Paul Samakow

Happy Halloween!   Paul thinks Jodi Arias, convicted killer of former boyfriend, will get a treat she wants, a new lawyer for the sentencing stage of her trial.  Listen to learn why.  Next, Toyota’s “vehicle acceleration” problem, not the kind of trick anyone wants, has, and is now again going to cost them.  Learn what an Oklahoma jury just decided.

Finally, Paul’s tip of the day started with some statistics about teens and children being the targets of cyber-bullying.  This behavior is clearly not a treat.  Then a discussion of what to do to minimize that harassment.  Listen and learn.

Labels: bullying, death penalty, in the courtroom, personal injury, radio show, social networking, Uncategorized

Online Sales Tax, Defining Disabilities & Kids With Alcohol

Click HERE To Listen: 10-23-13 Paul Samakow

A new tax may be on it’s way. Paul and Andy talked about a divergence of rulings among the states regarding sales taxes for on-line purchases. Hear what is happening. Next, would you still hang out with your finance if he or she messed up your planned wedding and then went to jail for year? Finally, what does mentally disabled mean in the context of a potential execution for someone who was convicted of murder? The law says mentally disabled people cannot be executed. The definition is important.

Paul’s tip of the day: Can minor kids drink alcohol in their parent’s presence?

Labels: drugs, in the courtroom, marriage, radio show, safety

Adrian Peterson’s Son, College Admissions & Injured On The Job

Click HERE To Listen: 10-16-13 Paul Samakow


blg 27 vikings day twoPaul and Andy talked about things all over the country today. First was the potential fate of Joseph Patterson, believed to be responsible for the death of football star Adrian Peterson’s two year old child. Listen to find out what may happen to him. Next, Michigan’s “no race consideration” in college admissions is being considered by the Supreme Court. Hear Paul’s take on the potential outcome. Finally, Andy talked about a movie he saw following Paul’s discussion about a reputed mob guy who moved from the east coast to Idaho, became a farmer, this to avoid being killed himself. Now the guy has been found and he’s facing criminal charges related to his reputed mob life. Listen to hear details.


Paul’s tip of the day was what to do, and not, if you get hurt on the job.


Labels: in the courtroom, personal injury, radio show

Casey Anthony, Medicare Fraud & Finding Legal Info

Click HERE To Listen: 10-09-13 Paul Samakow

Paul and Andy talked about Casey Anthony, in the news again.  She wants to avoid taking a deposition in a case where she’s being sued for defamation.  Remember the maid story?  Next, an alleged thief, a woman who worked in a hospice, is charged with Medicare fraud, and then buying 20 cars.  Is she related to Jay Leno?  Finally, Florida is tough on child sex molesters.
Paul’s tip of the day was a recommendation to a website when you are in need of quick legal information.  Listen to the segment to hear all of this. 

Labels: in the courtroom, personal injury, privacy, radio show

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