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Q. What is my case worth?

A. This the most frequently asked question by new clients. First, every case is unique. The value of an injury depends on many factors which are probably unknown when the client first contacts the lawyer. For instance, the value of a case depends not only the nature and extent of injuries, but also on the factual circumstances of the accident. Many of these factors cannot be known until the lawyers investigates the claim. Before a value can be made, you should be fully recovered from your injuries, and if that isn’t possible, your doctors should have provided a permanency or disability rating. This is a letter stating you have a permanent injury and how it will affect you. We must have all the medical records so we can have a thorough understanding of your treatment, your current condition and your future prognosis. We must have a document detailing the wages lost due to the accident. We must also have a complete understanding of how the accident affected you while you were recovering. Once all of this information is available, then, and only then, can a value be estimated. I provide this estimate to my clients, in writing, before I attempt to settle their cases.

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