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LEADING EDGE LEGAL ADVICE FOR EVERYDAY MATTERS Life happens and the law either protects you or foils you. Here you will learn how to stay ahead of the game.

Law School For You – The Learned Art of Persuasion

March 25, 2017   |   By Paul Samakow   |   Paul SamakowOpen link in another window

A trial lawyer must persuade.  Here are some of the principles of the learned art. An attorney’s “job” in a courtroom is to win.  Accomplishing that involves more than presenting the “true” evidence and sitting down. Presenting a client’s case…

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Law School For You – Contracts

March 18, 2017   |   By Paul Samakow   |   Paul SamakowOpen link in another window

Everyone makes deals.  Children and parents make them; usually daughters get the better of fathers.  Athletes and coaches make them; usually the coaches acquiesce. Husbands and wives make deals every day, multiple times each day. Usually, if the husband is…

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You Must Love Puppies and America and Apple Pie

March 11, 2017   |   By Paul Samakow   |   Paul samakowOpen link in another window

“While the populace is spellbound by Trump, the conservatives in Congress are dismantling access to justice and our tort civil liability system.” Rep. Jaime B. Raskin (D-Md). Americans might as well just stop filing lawsuits. Republicans have rolled out a…

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Artificial Intelligence: A New Legal Frontier

March 5, 2017   |   By Paul Samakow   |   Paul SamakowOpen link in another window

Laws govern us. Humans. People. There are also laws that govern the machines that humans use. There are no laws, yet, however, that govern machines that think on their own. The discussion would include civil laws of responsibility, for example,…

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Legal Question and Answer Forums

February 26, 2017   |   By Paul Samakow   |   Paul Samakow Open link in another window

Everyone wants the legal answer, and many resort to online legal forums where the public, and sometime lawyers, provide responses.   For those who lack simple intelligence or common sense, the answers can provide direction, and often, sharp humor. Following are…

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