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LEADING EDGE LEGAL ADVICE FOR EVERYDAY MATTERS Life happens and the law either protects you or foils you. Here you will learn how to stay ahead of the game.

Law School For You — Divorce

April 22, 2017   |   By Paul Samakow   |   Paul samakowOpen link in another window

Happily ever after is absolutely possible and real, and examples abound. The flip side is unfortunate, and thus sometimes togetherness between once smitten lovers ends with them moving in different directions. “I do” can be both the shortest and the…

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Law School For You — Murder, Why We Care

April 15, 2017   |   By Paul Samakow   |   Paul SamakowOpen link in another window

Everyone loves watching television crime shows.  Even before television, when we could only read to be entertained, the Bible was one of the most read books ever written, with the marque stories describing the original sin featuring Adam and Eve,…

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Law School For You – Freedom of Speech

April 8, 2017   |   By Paul Samakow   |   Open link in another window

No, you cannot shout “fire” in a crowded movie theatre. Freedom of speech rights encompass a great deal, far more in the last twenty years than history would have ever imagined. On the most basic level, the “right” known as…

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Law School For You — Lawsuits Matter

April 1, 2017   |   By Paul Samakow   |   Paul SamakowOpen link in another window

Despite any and all negative press, civil lawsuits, those seeking compensation for wrongs committed, and occasionally seeking punitive damages to punish the wrongdoers, matter significantly in this country and often serve to change behavior. Many do not know that American…

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Law School For You – The Learned Art of Persuasion

March 25, 2017   |   By Paul Samakow   |   Paul SamakowOpen link in another window

A trial lawyer must persuade.  Here are some of the principles of the learned art. An attorney’s “job” in a courtroom is to win.  Accomplishing that involves more than presenting the “true” evidence and sitting down. Presenting a client’s case…

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