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Legal battles of the Rich and Famous: From Mariah Carey to Dr. Oz

February 19, 2017   |   By Paul Samakow   |   Open link in another window

WASHINGTON, February 19, 2017 – Perhaps because they make so much money than the rest of us, the rich and famous tend to find themselves in court much more often than those who are not quite so financially well-endowed. The…

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Consequences of Lying

February 11, 2017   |   By Paul Samakow   |   Open link in another window

Sustained lying presents a problem for the listener. Harvard University psychologist Daniel Gilbert, more than 20 years ago, says that people see the world in two steps. First, briefly, they hold a lie as true, but then the second step…

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Becoming A Lawyer

February 5, 2017   |   By Paul Samakow   |   Paul SamakowOpen link in another window

I humbly share my experiences and thoughts. I have been a lawyer for over 36 years and I have loved every minute. Should you become a lawyer? First, a technical discussion is needed. What is the difference between a lawyer…

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The Truth About Lawsuits, Insurance and Medicine

January 28, 2017   |   By Paul Samakow   |   Paul samakowOpen link in another window

Too often bad actors and their insurance companies make unsupported claims that become accepted by the public. When you are caught with your hand in the cookie jar, it is not appropriate to talk about starving children. Claim: Frivolous Lawsuits…

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Enormous Fines, Penalties and Settlements

January 21, 2017   |   By Paul Samakow   |   Paul samakowOpen link in another window

Punishment for foibles, wrongdoing, mistakes and intentional crimes is meted out daily, all over the world, billions of times per day, by courts, parents, teachers, bosses, coaches and others. Here is a summary of some of the world’s most severe…

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