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Hearing Loss, Pregnancy and Your Rights as an Employee

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Paul and Andy talked about a stunningly unbelievable case in Virginia where a woman, a waitress in a Mexican restaurant, was told by her boss to get an abortion or lose her job. She was told “customers do not want to see a belly on their waitresses.” Paul and Andy both agreed that the boss must be incredibly stupid to say something like that… we hope she nails him with her lawsuit!

The next discussion was about a woman claiming permanent hearing loss due to the noise at a Justin Bieber concert. Paul offered this case was a loser. Aside from probably not being able to make the case on any legal theory, the defense of assumption of the risk will certainly foil her $9.2 Million claim. Some people….

Paul next was pleased to talk about a $1 Million class action settlement on behalf of home health workers in New York. The agency they worked for tried to cheat them out of overtime pay. These hard-working African American, Latino, Asian and Haitian workers, mostly women, deserve every penny they get!

Finally, Paul’s Tip of The Day involved a warning about drinking too much alcohol… riding a bike, sitting in your car, or walking down the street… the law might smack you! Listen to the segment to hear the details!