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Jared Loughner, Housing Discrimination & A Warning for DC Drivers

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Paul and Andy discussed Jared Loughner. He has now pled guilty to killing 6 and wounding 13, including former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, in Arizona in January, 2011. In exchange for his guilty plea, he will get a life in jail sentence, rather than the death penalty. Ms. Giffords expressed satisfaction with the plea deal, indicating it would allow her to continue her recovery and move on with her life. She expressed this would do the same for all of the others involved. So ends another chapter in the unfortunate carnage brought on because the wrong people have access to guns.

Next, Andy was dismayed that still, today, there is apparent discrimination in housing. The story involves the Winchester, Connecticut Housing Authority, which was sued because of alleged discriminatory process in applications for low income housing. Their neighborhoods are over 90% white and the Housing Authority, according to a local newspaper there, agreed to change its policies. Took a lawsuit to  do it….

Paul next talked about a local orthopaedic doctor suing Fairfax Hospital and others for defamation in connection with his firing from the hospital. Numerous allegations are flying around and the lawsuit will certainly highlight some very serious issues. Stay tuned.

Finally, Paul’s Tip of the Day was a warning to Washington, D.C. residents about speeding in other states… such could land them with a suspended license, from D.C.!

Listen to the segment to hear all of the details.