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Plea Bargains, Sex Torts, PreNups & Paul Talks About the Business of Being a Lawyer…

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In today’s show, the right to privacy has been something we all talk about but does the constitution guarantee it? Michael learns a new piece of legalese, as Paul explains sex torts and we all learn a lesson in reading the fine print as the popular web site Groupon is called on the legality of expiration dates. An earlier feature on Criminal Law brought up the question of what is a plea bargain and do celebrities get off easier than the ordinary citizen. Facebook is noted as a new and often cited reason for divorce which prompted Paul to comment on prenuptial agreements, marrying a foreigner and how to legally hold property if you are living together. In this week’s visit to Paul’s legal office, Paul reveals his approach to the business side of being a lawyer in a segment long interview with his co-host Michael Najarian. Paul shares his education, early years in practice and the importance he places on his employees. In Celebrity Legal News, Gilbert Gottfried loses his job as the AFLAC duck and, with Courtney Love recently fined for her remarks on Twitter we are all reminded about the liability we may face when making public remarks through Social Media.