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Maryland and Virginia Area Car Accident News

It Isn’t Fair!

Someone else’s bad decisions on the road leave you injured, facing medical bills, time away from work, needing car repair – it is not fair!  I agree. I also count my blessings that I am alive. The at fault party should be held responsible. I’ve been helping the...

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Car Accident Survival Guide

Knowing what to do when you are involved in a car accident can mean the difference between being properly treated for your injuries and receiving fair compensation for your loss, or having continuing pain and getting little, or no compensation for your injuries and...

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More Critical Steps After A Collision

PART TWO Hello again. Bet you couldn’t wait for this —   As promised, here are the five additional steps you must take if you’re involved in a car accident. In Part One I discussed the importance of getting the pertinent information on all parties involved; the need...

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