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Can Burn Injuries Get Wet?

Hi folks.  You may know I handle burn injury cases.  I want to share some important information because burn injuries can be devastating, and I hope you never suffer in this way. Burn injuries can be painful and debilitating and require careful management to promote...

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Recetas letales

Querido lector, Si ha leído mis blogs anteriores, me habrá oído hablar de los peligros del Fentanilo. Este potente analgésico opioide sintético tiene un alto potencial de abuso y dependencia. Ha llegado a nuestras calles y ha acabado con la vida de demasiadas personas...

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Lethal Prescriptions

Dear Reader, If you’ve read my previous blogs, you’ve heard me discuss the dangers of Fentanyl.  This potent synthetic opioid analgesic has a high potential for abuse and dependence.  It has found its way onto our streets and has ended the lives of far too many in the...

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