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College Park, Maryland (population: 24,657 in 2000) is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Incorporated in 1945, The College Park Airport (both a historic site and operating airport) is a five minute walk from a Metro station and totally up to date for FAA Regulations for small craft flights. Established in 1909, it is the oldest continuously operating airport in the world, and is known as the “Cradle of Aviation”. There are many flight first’s associated with College Park Airport, among them:

  • The Wright Brothers trained the first two military officers to fly the United States’ first airplane. (1900)t in the
  • Lieutenant Frederic Humphreys was the first military pilot to solo in a government plane. (1909)
  • America’s first military aviation school opened at College Park. (1911)
  • The U.S. Post Office began its first regularly scheduled commercial air mail service here. (1918)
  • Emile and Henry Berliner tested their theories of vertical flight at the College Park field (1920)
  • Emile and Henry Berliner made the first controlled helicopter flight at the College Park field (1924)
  • The first radio navigational aids for use in “blind” or bad weather flying were developed by the Bureau of Standards (1927)

College Park, Maryland is a 5.4 square mile area located in Northern Prince George’s County, the Maryland suburb of Washington D.C. Excellent access to Washington DC and Baltimore attractions are provided by I-95 and the Capital Beltway (I-495). Public transportation includes Metro stations, Metrobus, MARC commuter rail (between Baltimore and Washington), and the University of Maryland shuttle bus (for student transportation). International flights are within 40 minute commutes to Dulles International, Baltimore Washington International Airport, or the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

Architectural styles in College Park are varied. Predominantly single family homes, the residential neighborhoods also offer apartments and economical student housing. Tree-lined streets, neighborhood parks, playgrounds, community center, outdoor ice rink, and community pool offer family recreation year-round. Lake Artemesia offers hiker-biker trails, an aquatic garden, and excellent fishing.

The University of Maryland at College Park, with 35,000 students a year, is the ninth largest university in the United States. It provides the community with a stable economic base as well as adding excitement to the cultural mix in College Park. Its global presence (through outreach and extension centers) attracts thousands of guest artists for special performances and international professionals for seminars and conferences. College sports draw new fans and Alumni reunions for every sports season. From its agricultural and medical beginnings, the University has developed world-wide prominence, particularly in the fields of Agricultural Biotechnology, Engineering Research, and Systems Research.

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