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Distracted Driving Don’t Risk It

Hello Friend, Attorney Paul Samakow here. Today we’re going to talk about one of the most pointless, unnecessary, all too common and completely devastating reasons for car accidents—distracted driving.  Every day, all day long, my team and I speak and meet with...

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No te arriesges a manejar distraído

Hola amigo, aquí el abogado Paul Samakow. Hoy vamos a hablar sobre una de las razones más innecesarias pero demasiado comunes y completamente devastadoras de los accidentes automovilísticos: la distracción al conducir. Todos los días, durante todo el día, mi equipo y...

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Rape is Not Medical Malpractice

You'd think that it's obvious. Unbelievably, stemming from a case I had in 2007 where I represented a woman resident of the Nursing Home that was raped while in her room, the defense lawyers claimed that because the rape occurred in the Nursing Home, the matter should...

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A safer vehicle, a safer road

Hello Folks, Attorney Paul Samakow here to talk about the importance of maintaining your vehicle.  I can hear it now, you’re thinking to yourself, Paul, you’re an attorney, not a mechanic, why do you care about vehicle maintenance.  Well, my friend, I have the answer...

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Un vehículo más seguro, una carretera más segura

Hola amigos, el abogado Paul Samakow aquí para hablar sobre la importancia de darle mantenimiento a su vehículo. Quizás estás pensando, Paul, eres abogado, no mecánico, ¿por qué te preocupas por el mantenimiento del vehículo? Bueno, amigo, tengo la respuesta y puede...

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Your pain and suffering matters

Hello Folks, Attorney Paul Samakow here.  If you’ve been injured due to someone’s negligence in an auto collision a personal injury (PI) claim can help you set your life back on track.  And today I’d like to discuss the type of compensation you can expect when you...

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