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Don’t Negotiate Your Injury Claim Yourself

  You can negotiate yourself, but the real question is “Should You?” If you have a minor injury, one that maybe you went to your doctor once just “to check” you probably can negotiate yourself. You should not negotiate yourself if you have any appreciable injury....

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You Can Change Lawyers

You are hurt. In pain.  Can’t move where it hurts. Can’t sleep fully, restfully. Worried about medical bills. Doctor not helping. Stressed. Upset. Car not being fixed. Can’t get to work without an Uber. Maybe not working – more stress because maybe household bills not...

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YES! You Can Afford an Attorney

  When you are injured, and someone else, or some business is at fault, you cannot afford not to get an attorney.  Obviously, this is a very self-serving statement from an attorney. But it is not so different than saying you need a brain surgeon to do your brain...

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