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New Driver Contract

New Driver Contract

Thanks for looking here. I believe our children are our most important assets, not to mention that we love them and don’t want them to get hurt. Unfortunately, statistics show us that accidents involving teenagers are disproportionately high.

Thus, I used this contract with my daughters as they began their driving careers…

Before you read this contract, I want to explain why I have not included anything in it about school grades. I call this the “apples and oranges” myth. School grades and driving have nothing to do with each other. Believing that good grades somehow correlates to good driving behavior is a myth. Getting an “A” in math doesn’t mean the student will drive responsibly. Therefore, I have not included anything about grades in this contract, and I believe it would be wrong to do so. In my opinion, parents should not punish or reward a student with the use of the car, based on school performance.

Feel free to copy this contract and add to or delete from it, as it might best suit your circumstances. Good luck to your child!


I, _______________, exchange the promises below with my parents in consideration for my driving privileges.

I agree never to drive under the influence of ANY drug, including alcohol. I will not allow anyone to consume ANY drug or alcohol while riding in my car. I agree never to let anyone else drive my car. If I violate this provision, my driving privileges will be suspended for one year.

I will always wear my seat-belt, and I will require that any passengers in the car wear theirs, at all times. If I violate this provision, my driving privileges will be suspended for one month.

I will pay for my car insurance, gas, and repairs. My parents agree to help out with these expenses to whatever extent they feel reasonable if I drive willingly and cheerfully to do errands, run car pools, etc.

I will help my parents by driving for them whenever I reasonably can.

I will abide by all motor vehicle laws.

If I commit a moving violation, my driving privileges will be suspended for up to a month, depending on the nature of the violation and the circumstances. If I commit a second moving violation, my driving privileges will be suspended for up to six months. I will pay any expenses associated with my violation of any traffic or criminal laws.

I will keep my parents informed of my whereabouts. I will inform them where I intend to go and will only drive to destinations pre-approved by my parents. I will abide by any curfews they set. I will try to tell my parents who I will be driving with beforehand if possible and will not drive with anyone they have asked me not to drive with. If I violate this provision, my driving privileges will be suspended for at least a month, more if the violation is very serious or if I have violated this paragraph previously.

I will be responsible for keeping my car clean, for filling the gas tank, and for making sure it receives maintenance and repairs as necessary.

I will not have any of my friends or other passengers in my car until my parents deem that my driving experience is sufficient.

I will not use a cellular telephone while I am driving because it is not safe to do so. If I do need to make a telephone call, I will pull off of the road to a place that is safe to call from.

If someone on the roadway needs help, I will call emergency #911 for them, and I agree that I will never get out of the car or allow anyone to get in.

I will never pick up a stranger or a hitch-hiker.

I will always keep the car doors locked, whether the car is in use or not.

Dated: __________________



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