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Maryland and Virginia Area Car Accident News

For Your Own Sake, Think Before You Post!

Dear Reader, Posting on social media is now a primary way many of us connect with friends, family, and our community.  We celebrate life events, talk about vacation plans, and document our day with smiling back-to-school photos, witty insight into what’s happening in...

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The Perils of Public Transportation

Dear Reader, Our metro rail system provides a vital service for our community.  These trains allow us to navigate with relative ease and reduce our carbon footprint.  Metro rails lessen street congestion and save riders time and money.  Rail users need not worry about...

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Road Shark Saves Lives

Dear Reader, Driving a car is both a privilege and a responsibility that makes our lives easier.  We owe so much of our daily freedoms and conveniences to our abilities to get behind the wheel and go where we choose.  Don’t believe me?  Then think back to the last...

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