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Complexities of Your Injury Case

How to Know When to Take the Insurance Offer

Insurance Companies Will Not Take Care of You

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The Truth About Injury Cases

What can I expect when Paul Samakow represents me
Samakow Law – Insurance Companies Aren’t Reasonable
Samakow Law – Do Insurance Companies Lie to You?
Samakow Law – Insurer Negotiating Strategies
Samakow Law – Medical Care After an Accident
Samakow Law – Lawyers Must Explain Strategy
Samakow Law – About High Insurance Limits
Samakow Law – Settle or Go To Court?
Samakow Law – Why We Can’t Predict the Outcome of a Lawsuit
Samakow Law – Justice Beyond Money
Samakow Law – It’s a Tough World Sometimes

Personal Injury Videos

Samakow Law – Attorney Opinion on Case Value
Samakow Law – Changing Your Attorney
Samakow Law – No Surprise For Client
Samakow Law – You Are Not Taking Advantage
Samakow Law – Keep PIP or Medpay
Samakow Law – Why I Practice Personal Injury Law
Samakow Law – Do You Need a Lawyer?
Samakow Law – The Middle Stage in Personal Injury Law Part II
Samakow Law – When Should I Settle My Personal Injury Case?
Samakow Law – Should You Settle Your Case Before Treatment Ends
Samakow Law – Mediate, Arbitrate, or Litigate
Samakow Law – Justice is Rare
Samakow Law – Final Financial Accounting
Samakow Law – Before I Close the Case
Samakow Law – What if I Fire My Attorney

Interviews with Dr. Rajesh Mehra

What is Med Pay and PIP Coverage
Timeline to settle a case
How much money you’ll get from insurance
What to do during a car injury
Insurance are the bad guys
What makes a good case
How to find a good lawyer

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