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Today we have a show that  offers our listeners the important opportunity to be heard on issues that go to the very core of life here in America. First up … Don’t Ask Don’t Tell or, as I learned this week, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, don’t seek, don’t flaunt … came to a close – some say at an appropriate time – Paul will offer his thoughts, we would like to hear yours. Capital Punishment has been long debated in our country and in recent weeks, we have brought you many legal headline stories… today international opinion has placed a glaring spotlight on the Death Penalty in the United States … one question stands out … are we guilty of cruel and unusual punishment?

With the anniversary of 9/11 just passed, an American Icon, singer Tony Bennett speaks his truth on a national radio show and is vilified … since when, one might ask, is the opinion of any one man something that should be withheld … Social Media has become, for many of us, a joyful opportunity to express our views …. In Mexico this week, two bloggers died for sharing their opinion of cartel drug activity on the internet … we will be looking at what precipitated these killings and asking once again for your thoughts.

In our visit to the Samakow Law offices, Paul says that when it comes to Personal Injury cases, Justice is Rare and further … an illusion. We have all heard about wrongful death law suits … today you will hear about a Wrongful Birth suit and we will all have to dig down deep for answers to some tough questions.

Arnold Schwarzenegger slated to write a book, Britney Spears accused of Child Abuse and follow up on stories we have been following. This show is about Real Questions and Real Answers and you, as always, are the most important voice. Call with your comments as well as your questions about all things legal…

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