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The events at Penn State became one of the nation’s top legal stories this week – we will be looking at the crime and the victims and questioning the priority given to protecting the University’s football staff.  After weeks of covering the Conrad Murray Trial in the death of Michael Jackson, the jury came back with their verdict and Paul will help us sort out the aftermath. In a very sad story of war, a U.S. Soldier is found guilty of murdering civilians in Afghanistan while a Ft. Hood serviceman faces more serious charges than in his original indictment.

Big business takes a hit as both a pharmaceutical company and several insurance companies are hit in the corporate pocket book… Texas is once again the focus of a capital punishment case and in our visit with Paul at his law offices this week, we take a look at the final stages of a personal injury case.

In Celebrity News we ask, what do Justin Beiber and Mel Gibson have in common?  For Lindsay Lohan, after making promises local authorities say there’s no room at the County Jail, the Texas judge that took a belt to his teenage daughter and was caught on tape screaming at her to “submit” was not charged with a crime and, in a quest for a good news piece…Gabrielle Giffords spoke with a clear voice in her first interview since her horrific injuries 10 months ago…

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