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Today news about sex abuse and children top the news….the Penn State fiasco continues and now we have another University case in Syracuse. While these situations are just now reported, the Catholic Church settled two child, sex abuse cases….one in Chicago and the other in Miami. Paul has some help for us on Child Sex abuse and what we can all do to help

A man claiming to be the second coming of Jesus Christ shoots at the White House and in Arizona, James Ray, the man responsible for three deaths in a sweat lodge ceremony is sentenced. Inside the White House, Immigration law is better defined while across America…growing numbers of citizens are joining the pro marijuana ranks.

In financial legal news, the Bank of America will be paying back Military personal for foreclosure actions and Paul has some help for us on “rights,” Rights in an emergency room as well as for airline passengers. I will be asking Paul later in the show what he does when a client shows up asking for help … but that help includes switching attorneys in an ongoing Personal Injury Case.

In celebrity news, Justin Beiber is apparently off the paternity hook and Demi and Ashton will be going their separate ways … oh, and you can read all about their parting feelings on Twitter?? Janet Jackson’s famous Wardrobe Malfunction is tossed out of court but not before empowering the FCC … Dr. Paul White is fined for contempt in the Conrad Murray Trial, A U.S. Soldier pleads not guilty in Ft. Hood and a foreclosure buyer ends up with nothing…nada…zip!

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