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Today we have an incredible show for you starting with John Hinckely … he’s the I love Jodie Foster so I shot the President person that now wants his freedom – should his petition be granted? Conrad Murray was sentenced for his involvement in the death of Michael Jackson and the very difficult news out of Penn State and Syracuse University continues with both Jerry Sandusky and Bernie Fine now accused of multiple instances of molesting young men.

In cases that have spanned years now, the FCC is now before the Supreme Court to find resolution to their rulings on Indecency. Pepper Spray has become a very dangerous weapon of choice, a Florida Student dies in a Hazing Incident and the makers of Vioxx have to pay 950 Million.

In our visit with Paul at his law office today … Things you Absolutely have to know about your Personal Injury Case, and answers to your email questions. In News Follow up, two missing persons cases out of Aruba are back in the news this week and Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Love all make it to our Celebrity News.

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