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This week, Virginia officially joined the list of states passing conservative regulations on abortion while President Obama had his eyes on the economy and his Jobs package…. Paul has some questions about patent laws in this bill that the President says is not controversial. After last weeks stepped up security efforts on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, there were several stories that begs the question…. are our security measures effective. In one case a taser makes it into a football game attended by the former President and is used on a Marine … in another an American Airlines jet is needlessly escorted to the ground and in yet another, a case of what appears to be racial profiling brings a show of force to meet a Frontier Airlines flight. And finally, Homeland Security takes a hit as TSA agents are arrested for using their positions to aid in the trafficking of narcotics.

Paul takes time to explain what happens with the money in Personal Injury cases – where the money comes from, how is it most properly collected, accounted for and distributed. In California, we have prisoners being released for overcrowding while in Texas the preferred treatment is execution. A  man sues White Castle because he can’t fit into their booths and Scarlett Johansen gets a lesson on Bluetooth technology but not before some self portraits escape from her cell phone’s camera…. Casey Anthony has to pay 97 Thousand and a teen is sentenced in a transgender beating we reported on a few months ago….

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