Fairfax, VA residents and others who have the misfortune of being the victim in an accident have to face a lot of concerns. The main one is that recovering from an accident will require money–the medical bills and other expenses can build to a staggering amount. This makes it important to consult a personal injury lawyer, who can help in seeking the right amount of damages from the party at fault.

Personal Injury Basics

Personal injury is the legal term for damage to a person’s mind, body, and emotions. Personal injury laws apply in situations where another person’s negligence, or lack of care, cause bodily, mental, or emotional harm to another. These situations may have happened in relation to automobile and other types of accidents.

An experienced personal injury attorney such as Paul Samakow knows the legal complications surrounding such cases, and uses this knowledge to help convince insurance companies or a court that the client deserves to receive a certain monetary amount as damages. While you can file a personal injury case without a lawyer, your lack of experience and knowledge will likely harm your petition, as there is much more to obtaining proper compensation than simply talking about medical bills.

Personal Injury Cases

The lawyer can help you from the start, by handling the filing of the case. Personal injury cases also have time limits, called “statute of limitations,” so it is critical to meet deadlines and avoid errors that could prolong the process or eliminate the claim entirely. The lawyer can make sure that these pitfalls are avoided.

Most personal injury cases are actually resolved in pre-lawsuit settlements, and your lawyer will be your advocate in arriving at the best possible settlement with veteran insurance representatives.

In cases that do go to court, the lawyer will be your representative, and will build the case with the right evidence to help you get the best possible outcome.

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