You can negotiate yourself, but the real question is “Should You?”

If you have a minor injury, one that maybe you went to your doctor once just “to check” you probably can negotiate yourself.

You should not negotiate yourself if you have any appreciable injury.

Why?  Because if you are going to make a claim for compensation – which you are legally entitled to receive – you will NEVER GET AS MUCH YOURSELF AS YOU WILL IF YOU USE AN ATTORNEY.

Period. Not debatable. No discussion.

Let me ask you – would you do your own brain surgery? Extract your own tooth?

Do you do your own taxes?

Do you recognize, that while you are certainly highly intelligent, brilliant, beautiful, handsome, skilled in many ways, you cannot do everything and get best results?

Smart people recognize that professionals make things better, faster, and at less cost when compared to the “do it yourself” option.

Attorneys work on a “contingent fee” basis and are paid a percentage of the total recovery they obtain for their clients.  If there is no recovery, the attorney receives nothing.

Why then do you need an attorney?

Because the attorney will get more – much more – than you can get as compensation for your injuries.


Because they can threaten. They can file a lawsuit. You cannot. Going to court is a risk for both sides, but the insurance companies HATE risk. They will thus offer and pay more, much more, when an attorney is involved. Insurance companies do not believe an injured person, not represented by an attorney, will actually get an attorney and then file a lawsuit. They believe this because of statistics.  Their statistics, from hundreds of millions of claims show them, overwhelmingly, that a person who undertakes to represent themselves and negotiate with them will not cut-off those negotiations and then hire an attorney.

Again, you are highly intelligent. But you’re not an attorney. You can’t file a lawsuit and conduct the process properly. An attorney can. Insurers pay more to attorneys.

You will get more, much more, with the services of an attorney, than you can possibly ever get by negotiating yourself.  In fact, like everything else, the insurance industry has statistics. Their own published statistics reveal that the average person receives three times (3x) more when using an attorney!

So once again, don’t negotiate with an insurance company to recover compensation for your injury. You don’t know what they know, and that lack of knowledge means SIGNIFICANTLY less compensation for you.

Hire an attorney. Hire me.

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