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The trial of Dr. Conrad Murray charged with Manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson continues and we’ll be giving focus to the expert testimony offered this past week. Paul will be helping out with how deviations from Standards of Care in this case, just may lead to a guilty verdict. We’ll also look at what the defense has planned as they present their side of the story next week.

Fast and Furious was a U.S. employed strategy to slow down the illegal sale and purchase of firearms … Unfortunately, Fast and Furious turned out to best describe the finger pointing now going on over who is responsible for what is, at a minimum, a frightening misuse of authority to implement an ill-conceived plan. We’ll be asking for your thoughts. Paul shares his views later in the program.

American Student Amanda Knox has returned a free woman after years in an Italian prison and while acquitted of the more serious charges, shades of Casey Anthony clouded the case with lies to law enforcement officials. In Celebrity news, the FBI makes an arrest in the Scarlett Johansson case, and We say OOPS SHE DID IT AGAIN to Lindsay Lohan. In our news follow ups, we feature the Supreme Courts struggle with the fourth amendment…this time strip searches cause questions about security versus privacy – Gary Giordono’s attorney petitions for his release.

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