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Each December, the roads clog with holiday travelers, and airports raise rates to the roof in anticipation of overbooked cross-country flights filled with present-clad families intent on making Christmas dinner with loved ones.

Each December, news broadcasters warn of icy roads, the potential for deadly crashes, and heightened security due to terrorists who threaten to end holiday cheer in tragedy.  This year, the same threats exist, possibly more so due to the unrest stirred up by the Israel-Hamas war.

Still, we do not let this stop us.  We bundle up the kids and brave the icy roads. We spend more than we should on premium airfare and face crowded airports and long security lines.

Why do we do these things?  Because, for the most part, we choose to be both realistic and optimistic about our lives and our prospects.  Because no one can realistically enjoy their lives if they refuse to leave their house for fear of the what-ifs in life.  Because some things are worth the risk, and the high probability that you’ll enjoy a festive time with your loved ones far outweighs the risk of tragedy striking you down instead.

I myself am both an optimist and a realist. Most of you probably are, as well.  You plan for a long life, save for retirement, and dream about what you’ll do once you get there. Still, you buy life insurance. Why? Not necessarily because you think you’ll ever need it, but in case a worst-case scenario does play out, your family will be taken care of in your absence.

This is a realistic approach to risk that makes it easier for you to enjoy life, knowing you’ve hedged the bet.

It’s with this in mind that I’ve recently started offering a Child Protection Plan through my office.  This plan is another way of stacking the odds, in this case, for your children.  If something were to happen and an icy road to grandma’s house ended in a wreck that left your child the sole survivor of your family, what would happen to them?

A child protection plan is your way of answering that question.  With this plan in place, your child is safeguarded from some of the worst what-ifs.

A child protection plan will allow you to designate a guardian and a temporary guardian if necessary. You can see to their financial future and make your wishes known about how you want them raised. A child protection plan means no relatives fighting over your children and no arguments about what’s to be done with your assets.  It is your way of stacking the deck in their favor and ensuring their future in spite of what life may throw their way.

This holiday, I want you to enjoy your time with friends and loved ones. Cherish the memories you share and consider adding this extra protection for the ones who rely on you most.

For more information on the Child Protection Plan and how it can secure your child’s future, email me at or text or call 703-472-7688 to arrange for a discreet and confidential conversation about your Children’s Protection Plan.

Until next time, I hope you and yours have a safe and happy holiday,

Sincerely yours,

Paul Samakow

Paul Samakow

Attorney Paul Samakow


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