An auto accident case I am now negotiating with a major insurance carrier’s adjuster emphasizes for me the need for lawyers in these cases. This is so aggravating, even for me, so I could imagine how my client would feel if she heard this from the adjuster directly.

A “witness” claims my client was not in the car when the accident happened. The adjuster won’t identify the witness. The police got to the scene about five minutes after the accident. The officer’s report indicates my client was the driver. There is chemical air-bag residue on my client’s shirt. My client went to an emergency clinic about 1 hour after the accident, and the report of the doctor there indicates her complaints of injury are consistent with those that would normally come from being involved in an accident.

So the adjuster only wants to give me 50% of the value of this claim. I told the adjuster to go fly a kite. Either pay nothing on the theory that my client wasn’t in the car, or shut up with the ridiculous argument and pay the full value of the claim. It remains to be seen what will happen here. My bet is the adjuster is going to call me next week and increase the offer. AAAGGGHHH! I just love some of the fine folks who work for insurers…..

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