Imagine driving home on a Friday after work, after a hard day, but excited about the weekend with family and friends, and the party on Saturday night to celebrate something of importance in your life. Out of nowhere, a drunk driver slams into your car. You wake up in the hospital the next morning. The hospital administrator wants your health insurance information. Your family are at your bedside and that the doctors said you’ll be okay, that your boss offered his best and hopes you’ll be back soon, and that the car was destroyed. An insurance representative is outside of the room and wants your “recorded statement”. The representative comes in and has tons of questions, and then tells you at the end that they have to further investigate and they don’t know yet if they will pay for the car or your bills. This type of scenario happens all of the time. Lesson: Don’t ever speak to insurance representatives until you’ve consulted an attorney. That “recorded statement” could be the basis for the insurer denying your claim, when all you did was tell them the truth!

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