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Today we lead off with the jury now deliberating in the Conrad Murray Case…will he be found guilty of manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. Once again, we’ll  be giving some focus to the dangers of addiction and specifically to pain killing opiates … new reports continue to show what is fast becoming an issue of epidemic proportions.

In Honolulu, a case that will leave you with your mouth open…well, at least when I told my wife, that was her reaction…. In Texas a judge’s version of corporal punishment goes viral on YouTube and in this weeks legal Segment, Paul and I will talk about Personal Injury cases and finally, I get to ask Paul about my favorite sub head in his book … it reads… Show Me The Money.

Lindsay Lohan has another day in court, Justin Bieber hopes he never has to go to court, Brittney Norwood leaves court with a guilty verdict, Casey Anthony’s latest court proceeding is sealed, and Julian Assange is told by a British Court that he’ll have to appear in a Swiss Courtroom.

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