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This week the Trial of Conrad Murray continued in the death of Michael Jackson. The prosecution presented its final witness, expert Dr. Steve Schafer that looked like he had done a very good job until defense attorney Robert Chernoff took his first few swipes at the Dr.s Testimony. Paul has a full update on this week’s happenings and a look forward to what we might expect from the defense as they begin their case next week.

On Sunday, a tragic crash in Las Vegas claimed the life of Indy winner Dan Weldon…we’ll take a legal look at what happened although most important our thoughts and prayers go to Dan’s family and friends. Moving to the nation’s capitol, Activist Professor Cornel West was arrested on the steps of the supreme court and in national news, two social media cases give us both sides of the law using the internet.

In our legal segment, Paul has thoughts for you on keeping your Halloween Party on the right side of the law and continues his advice about your attorney client relationship. This week, we look at the middle Stages of your Personal Injury case.

Lindsay Lohan claims our Oops I did it again prize, a Gay Navy vet sues for disability benefits and a Florida man has too much time on his hands…well, too much time and more…it is the “more” that has him in trouble.

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