Mr. Carter Delaney, of Leesburg, Virginia, was probably a really good guy. He tried to stop 2 pit bulls from killing another dog. He owned the pit bulls, and the other dog, and 2 more dogs. Before the story continues, I have to wonder, as do many, why would anyone own a pit pull? They sure aren’t snuggly or cuddly, and if you want protection, get a German Sheppard. Maryland has banned ownership of pit bulls. They are just a bad breed generally. Like many, again, I just don’t get why you’d own this vicious dog. When he tried to stop the pit bulls from attacking the other dog, the pit bulls turned on Carter, and they killed him.

Carter’s last act was a brave one. Someone who acts to save another, even a dog, is absolutely a really good guy. Gotta question him though, and clearly, whatever we conclude about him, even if we say he was less than brilliant for owning these animals, he didn’t deserve his fate. Our respects, and may Mr. Delaney rest in peace.

His family had the pit bulls euthanized.

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