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The first two headlines for this show need no introduction … all you have to say is Palin and Weiner and you know what’s coming… hopefully, we turned these unfortunate events into useful discussions. Paul looks at Marriage, Divorce and the law and now that several states have gay marriage legislation passed, Paul comments the challenges of  gay divorce. If you’ve been in an auto accident, you may have found getting your car fixed is a real headache… Paul once again helps us understand that our insurance company probably is not going to be our best friend when it comes to repairs.

Can You sue a paramedic or firefighter? In Florida there is controversy over Red Light Tickets and a Death by Bath Salts. A Facebook birthday invite goes viral and John Edwards says he did not know he was breaking the law.  Follow up on Casey Anthony, the AZ Sweat Lodge Case, The TSA and Wesley Snipes and Patti Labelle make our Celebrity Legal Headlines.

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