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I recently came across a sad story…

A young couple and their newborn daughter were home on a cold winter night. Their old home had central heat, but the outdated unit was struggling to keep up with the plummeting temperatures outside.  The couple was concerned that their little girl, barely three months old, was getting too cold.  This is where they made a tragic mistake. They didn’t have a fireplace, but they did have a gas range stove.  They decided to turn the stove to full blast in an effort to heat their home, which was not equipped with carbon monoxide detectors.

The young couple fell asleep with their little one in their arms.  It wasn’t until late the next day, after many unanswered calls and texts, that someone went to check on them.  A concerned friend, key in hand, walked through the front door.  The faint whimpering sounds brought them to the living room…into a nightmare. They found the young mother and father unresponsive and their baby barely hanging on. 

Paramedics were called.  Soon, the quiet neighborhood street was teaming with fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances. It was too late for both parents. Their daughter survived but would suffer the rest of her life from the effects of oxygen deprivation.  

During this time of year, it’s essential to remember the dangers of space heaters, gas ranges, and fireplaces.  Unsupervised space heaters are fire hazards, plain and simple. Gas ranges should never be used for anything other than cooking a meal, and fireplaces must be cleaned regularly and cannot be left unattended. 

When all possible, heat your home with a central heating system controlled by a thermostat. If that’s not working, bundle up with blankets and drink warm drinks like tea and cocoa. 

One final lesson to take from this tragic story is the importance of having a safeguard in place for your children should tragedy take you from their lives.

In a situation like the one above, the child’s fate hinges on the parents’ preparations. If the parents had not planned for the child’s care, the likely scenario could involve:

  1. Custody Battles: Without a clear plan, extended family members or other individuals might engage in legal battles over custody, creating further emotional turmoil for the child.
  2. State Intervention: If no suitable guardianship arrangement exists, state authorities may intervene, placing the child in foster care until a proper solution is determined. This can be a traumatic experience for the child.
  3. Uncertainty: Even with extended family members willing to care for the child, the situation can remain uncertain and subject to legal disputes.

This alarming and heart-wrenching story highlights the importance of having a Child Protection Plan in place that might well be the first of many needed legal documents like a Will and a Trust that clearly define your wishes for your child’s care and other important matters in the event of your death.

Securing Your Child’s Future

A Child Protection Plan is a lifeline for your child’s future. This plan will help to secure their well-being, stability, and their future in your absence. It offers:

  1. Legal Clarity: A properly executed plan provides clear instructions on who should care for your child and how you wish for your child to be cared for. This helps eliminate ambiguity and potential disputes.
  2. Guardianship: Designating a trusted guardian who shares your values and parenting style ensures your child is raised according to your wishes.

With additional documents such as a Will and a Trust, your child’s Financial Security can be addressed. A trust can be established to provide for your child’s financial needs, ensuring their well-being and access to education, healthcare, and more.

Act Now to Protect Your Child’s Future

If you do not have a Child’s Protection Plan for your young child, I urge you to contact me at or text or call 703-472-7688 to arrange a discreet and confidential conversation.  Gain peace of mind knowing your child will be in good hands, even if those hands cannot be yours.


Paul Samakow

Attorney Paul Samakow

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