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Today we begin with a story that you will think you have heard before … this time, it is a Maryland woman missing in Aruba. Same beach, same hotel as the Natalie Holloway case that claimed international headlines. Then, Donald Rumsfeld has become the point person for the Bush administration in a torture suit and then onto California where Jurors face new laws about the use of Social Media while serving. Match dot Com faces a class-action suit, Hackers are now challenging the locks in prisons and Paul and Michael have a heart to heart about Personal Injury cases.

This week brings yet another Pit Bull injury case, and a very sad case of Child abuse in Arizona while a New York Teacher films sex with a student. A couple of Facebook stories with an inmate sharing party photos from his prison cell and the author of My Psycho X Wife has his blog shut down.

The Dominque Struass Kahn case continues, Warren Jeffs is sentenced and the Ft. Hood bomb suspect is indicted.  There is also news of an arrest in the Bryan Stowe case in Southern California… Bryan is the Giants Fan that was so badly beaten outside Dodger Stadium.

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