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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently announced the Model Year 2024 vehicles lined up for their 5-star safety rating tests. These vehicles will be evaluated and rated for their overall safety performance during front, side, and rollover crashes.

Each year, manufacturers are eager to have their vehicles tested and rated.  If they achieve 5-star safety ratings, they proudly display these results on window stickers for new cars and in all their advertising.  But these 5-star ratings are not just a badge of honor; they are a promise that your vehicle has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it can handle the unexpected twists and turns of the road.

As a personal injury attorney, I’ve represented clients involved in every type of auto collision imaginable and seen the difference a 5-star safety rating can mean for the drivers and passengers involved.

Personally, I would NEVER consider driving a vehicle without the top safety rating, and I encourage everyone I love and care about to do the same.

A 5-star safety rating can truly mean the difference between life and death.  It can mean the difference between walking away from an auto collision and being life-flighted to a hospital.

  • A vehicle with a 5-star rating is equipped with top-notch safe features designed to shield you from the unexpected—be it a sudden stop, a surprise lane change, or a dreaded “I-didn’t-see-it-coming” moment. You want your vehicle to be a fortress on wheels that shields you and your passengers from the unexpected.
  • Along with a family of crash test dummies, these 5-star safety-rated vehicles have been through some of the worst crashes imaginable, and the dummies can attest that real passengers would have lived to tell about it.
  • 5-star-rated vehicles offer brains and brawn with advanced safety technologies. They are structurally sound and They come with advanced driver assistance systems, automatic emergency braking, collision avoidance technologies, lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and more.
  • A 5-star vehicle rating lets you drive with peace of mind, knowing the car you chose offers you and your passengers protection against disaster on the road.

Whether commuting to work, going on a road trip, or just cruising around town, your vehicle should be your trusted ally, not a source of worry.

Remember, it’s not just about having four wheels and an engine; it’s about having a vehicle that’s got your back – and front and sides – when it matters most.

For a complete list of vehicles participating in the NHTSA’s -Star Safety Rating, check out this link:

If you or someone you care about is considering purchasing a new vehicle, I urge you to first consider how many shining stars it has earned.  Because when it comes to your safety, there’s no such thing as too many stars.

Until next time, please be safe and NEVER text when driving.


Paul Samakow

Paul Samakow

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