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The celebrity-fueled weight loss craze surrounding Ozempic is everywhere.  You can’t open a magazine or watch a talk show without hearing about the near-miraculous results users report after using this drug.  Dozens of A-listers have admitted to using it, including Elon Musk, Charles Barkley, and Amy Schumer, among others. Sharon Osborn recently made headlines with her reported 40-pound weight loss on the new wonder drug.

What is Ozempic?

Ozempic is the brand name for semaglutide, an FDA-approved drug used to treat diabetes.  In the past year, the drug has boomed in popularity due in part to a ‘celebrity do, everyone else follow’ mentality.  The problem is that this drug is being misused. Ozempic is not FDA-approved for weight loss; it is on the market to treat people diagnosed with diabetes.  This drug is being misused to treat a condition it was never meant to address.

More alarming still—it comes with a host of negative side effects, including pancreatitis, changes in vision, low blood sugar, kidney failure, serious allergic reactions, and gallbladder problems, to name a few.   Some users have reported heart palpitations, chest pains, and cardiac concerns.  Still, others have reported uncontrollable muscle spasms, severe back pain, and uncontrollable vomiting.  If that wasn’t enough to give you pause before using this drug, the FDA recently added a new potential adverse reaction to the label of the drug, stating it can be linked to ileus, a condition where your intestines actually stop functioning.

As a Personal Injury Attorney, I’ve seen firsthand the damage weight loss drugs have had on their users. There was Fen-Phen back in the 90s which was linked to valvular heart disease and pulmonary hypertension.  Then, Meridia, in 2010, was taken off the market after several users experienced heart attacks and strokes.  Let’s not forget Ephedra, which was all the craze with a host of performance athletes swearing by it until it led to the deaths of multiple users and was eventually banned by the FDA.

Now, I’m no expert on weight loss, but the best advice is probably the tried and true approach of eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, drinking plenty of water, and being mindful of portion control.  If that doesn’t work, talk to your doctor, but I urge you to use caution when it comes to this or the next reported miracle drug.

If you decide to use a supplement or drug for weight loss, I urge you to be cautious. Listen to your body and take the drug only while under the care of a medical professional.  If you start to feel off, or if your numbers get out of wack, stop using it immediately.

Lastly, if you or someone you love ever suffers a serious side effect from Ozempic or another weight loss drug, then please call my office at 703-761-4343 or 301-949-1515.  My time is yours, and I’m here to help in every way I can.


Paul Samakow

Attorney Paul Samakow

703-761-4343 or 301-949-1515

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