Thank goodness four our court system which is always there to remedy problems and right wrongs that have been done.

Business & Commercial Verdicts:

  1. A Breach of Contract suit, ICO Global Communications won $606,756,986 in California when it successfully sued Boeing Satellite Systems International.
  2. An Intellectual Property lawsuit filed by Saffran resulted in a verdict of $431,867,351 over Boston Scientific Corp. in Boston.
  3. Hyatt sued Franchise Tax Board of the State of California for fraud in Nevada and won $388,085,281.
  4. Lucent Technologies sued Gateway, Inc. in California on an Intellectual Property matter and won $368,044,056.
  5. Parmalat Finanziaria S.P.A. sued Citigroup, Inc. in New Jersey on a fraud matter and won $364,228.023.

Consumer & Individual Plaintiffs:

  1. The Estate of Mack, in Nevada, sued on a wrongful death claim and won $590,003,000.
  2. Cybulski sued Foremost Industries, Inc. on a products liability matter and won $256,000,000 in Florida.
  3. The Estate of del Pino sued the Republic of Cuba on a wrongful death claim and won $252,750,000 in Florida.
  4. Cantu sued Flanigan in New York on a defamation matter and won $188,000,000.
  5. The Estate of LoCascio sued on a wrongful death claim in Florida and won $125,073,485.
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