Crime statistics in DC are out of control, and we all know it.  With car jackings up to a whopping 720 for the year, more than two per day—and homicide numbers topping 200 for the year already, it’s hard to feel safe.  This number is alarming and represents more fatalities than any seen in over two decades!

Just last month, in one day, there were 3 shootings killing 2 students and a gentleman who was hit “in the crossfire” between two vehicles whose occupants were firing at each other. We read about a teenagers who are injured or killed while walking around their neighborhood; we saw in the news that a woman was fatally shot outside an elementary school. The communities where these senseless crimes are committed are appropriately terrified.  When we were younger and in school, did we ever witness our school being put on lockdown as bullets hit the building? Perhaps you saw news of the murder of Blake Bozeman, former MSU basketball star, who was shot along with three others outside a DC nightclub.

Many residents are scared to leave their homes due to the high homicide rates in their neighborhoods. People who work here try to leave soon after dark.  Parents worry if their kids will be safe at school—and tourists and visitors are warned not to come.

Unfortunately, at this point, the city’s police force is not capable of meeting the community’s needs.  Since 2020 legislation calling for “emergency police reform” was implemented, over 1,300 police officers have left MPD—many citing the Council’s treatment of law enforcement and the anti-police rhetoric as their reason.

As a Personal Injury Attorney who cares deeply about the safety and well-being of our community, it saddens me to see the crisis we’re in today. So, for the rest of this post, I’d like to review some practical tips to help you and your family stay safe.

  1. Stay updated on local news and safety alerts. Knowing what areas are experiencing higher than average crime rates can help you avoid dangerous places.
  2. When on foot or using public transportation, stay aware of your surroundings. Try not to display items of value like purses, smartphones, and jewelry.
  3. Stick to well-lit streets and pathways, especially at night. Avoid shortcuts through dark or isolated areas.
  4. For your home, invest in good quality locks and a security system, and keep windows and doors locked, even when you’re inside.
  5. Consider joining or starting a neighborhood watch program to increase community vigilance and attend community events. Building strong neighborhood bonds is an effective way to deter crime.
  6. When using rideshare services, confirm the driver’s identity and share your ride details with someone you trust.
  7. If you witness suspicious activity or feel unsafe, call 911; your call may help prevent a crime or save a life.
  8. Talk with your local leaders, voice your concerns, and help make our communities safer.

If you or a loved one is ever harmed due to criminal activity in a public place, please call my office. As a Personal Injury Attorney, I am here to provide support and guidance during difficult times. Call me at 301-949-1515 (Maryland) or 703-761-4343 (Virginia).

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Until next time, stay vigilant, be safe, and NEVER text while driving!

Paul Samakow

Attorney Paul Samakow

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