If you or someone you love is seriously injured in an accident, every second you delay medical treatment could derail or seriously delay your recovery.

A back or neck injury needs fast and expert care to limit damages and keep a small injury from morphing into something much worse.   The same goes for injuries to all parts of your body.

When an auto collision first occurs, it can be hard to tell how badly you’re injured.


Because your body goes into shock. A surge of adrenaline hits your system and turns off pain receptors.  Your body goes into fight or flight mode and your brain sends the message for your body to ignore normal pain signals.  This is your body’s way of making sure you can get out of crisis alive and intact.

While this biological superpower is great for getting you out of immediate danger, it can work against you after the immediate threat is over.

If you’re unaware of how badly your hurt, you can easily cause yourself greater damage.  On the other hand, if you get the treatment you need in a timely manner, you’re more likely to get a better result with your recovery. If you delay treatment, a seemingly inconsequential pain or discomfort can quickly change into a debilitating and permanent injury.

If you’re the victim of an accident, never refuse medical care.  If an EMT arrives on the scene and feels you need to be transported, let them.  If your injuries are not severe enough for emergency transport, consider having someone drive you to an ER to get checked out.  At the very least make an appointment with a medical doctor the following day.

You shouldn’t have to worry about how you will pay for your treatment. And once you find the specialist best suited to treat your injury, you shouldn’t have to worry about how the medical bill are paid.

If you’re injured due to no fault of your own, a personal injury claim can hold the at fault party responsible and take care of your medical expenses.

You should also be financially compensated for your injuries and loss and a personal injury claim can help you with this.  Never consider settling your case until your doctors agree you’ve reached maximum medical improvement.   It’s hard to predict future medical needs early on after an injury.  And if you unwittingly accept a low-ball, bad faith offer from an insurance adjuster, you put your health and recovery at unnecessary risk.

Hiring the right personal injury attorney means your case is more likely to move smoothly and settle in your favor.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you are reading this after having been involved in an accident, please reach out to my office 703-854-9288 or 301-298-8383.

We are happy to answer your questions and help in every way we can.

Please be safe, and NEVER text while driving!

Attorney Paul Samakow

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